Monday, February 28, 2011

time for a project

I love projects. I love sewing and re creating things. I'll post some of my pillows sometime.
Today I decided it was time to finally paint and reupholster this little stool I have had for some time. Now that I did it I can't believe it didn't do it sooner.....



I feel kind of addicted to the whole project thing...I want to go out and look for more furniture to redo....I feel like this obsession will come in handy when its time to do the nursery....speaking of nursery's....I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY BABY TO ARRIVE!! :)
Oooh I should look for an old(ish) rocking chair!!!! Now I'm officially on a mission.....


  1. wow. I'm impressed! Good job sissy pants.

  2. LOOK AT YOU!!!!! hot stuff! so cool!

  3. -selena, I have all kinds of tricks up my sleeve...
    -thanks jess ;)

  4. it looks so awesome! love the fabric. :)

  5. I LOVE IT! Is that the reachout chair that was in my Norwich room?

  6. Sheila, I have a rocking chair I would love to donate to your family... but getting to you would be the only problem- if we can get past that issue, you are welcome to have it!!! It served Kaleb and I well, now its time to go to another good home :) Lemme know!

  7. ok wait, this is Kathryn Cutright- I'm not intending on posting this anonymously, but that seems the only way to get it on here.... :/


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