Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have been having this thought lately....well, more like a discovery of something that is true but I might not have realized it before or seen it in this particular way. I was sharing it with Josh in the car tonight and the more I talked about it the more it unraveled and made perfect sense. I mean this is basic knowledge here. Sometimes I visualize the Lord picking up a strand of wisdom and placing it into my brain and then seeing a light bulb light up :)
Basically, if I want to see and walk in a daily flow of results in my life I have to start with the one thing that creates everything....the Lord. He is what gives me everything, I have nothing without him. He literally created me! Every part of who I am....He gives me creativity, peace, life, strength, joy all of my ideas and a million other things. He is the reason I wake up in the morning. If I need opportunities, He opens them up. It's almost so simple I forget to think about it? The thing is, I don't want to go to Him just when I need something, I want to go to Him simply because I want to worship him, hear from Him, spend time with Him, just hang out with Him. Sometimes I forget these things. I don't want to forget these things. I want him to be the start of my day so the holy spirt can just flow through me at all times. I want to be so wrapped up in Him that everything great I have in my life is a obvious connection to my relationship with Him. A kind of abundance that cannot be created or made up of or from anything but Him. If I want all these things  in my life it only makes sense to start with the one thing that created everything...its a circle, a kind of flow that is continuous. A direct connection.  He is FOR me. He wants me to have everything and He wants me to Himself. He loves me more than I could ever even imagine. 
His grace, love, and wisdom is ever ending. Who wouldn't wanna be a part of that? :) 
There are so many verses that pertain to this, but one that always makes my heart full is Psalm 139.
I love learning and being reminded of things that have to do with Him. Don't you? :)


  1. Sheila! Congrats on the bay bay! I found your blog through Facebook! And Im excited to keep up with your journey!
    Much Love,
    Caroline Bell

  2. beautifully said Sheila, I love you!

  3. First off, I seriously LOVE your blogs!! It's interesting that you would mention a circle...my husband has always referred to our marriage as a triangle. Him & I are at the bottom & God is at the top...the closer we get to God...the closer we get to each other. I find it so beautiful when I really think about moving up my side of the triangle closer to God & closer to my husband. Simple isn't it but just so full of truth. ~ Christine Florence

  4. "I want to be so wrapped up in Him that everything great I have in my life is a obvious connection to my relationship with Him." - that's my goal too. Let your Light shine!!! -- Lissa Santos


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