Thursday, February 10, 2011

11 weeks

Thanks for all the blog support everyone! who knew blogging could be so enjoyable?
SO yesterday marked 11 weeks pregnant for me...I have had so many feelings happen all in the last 7-8 weeks since knowing I was pregnant. First Ill tell you how I found out. Its a long story but Ill try to make it short for the sake of the length of this entry :) I never knew I could be so long winded? haha
It was Christmas weekend....we went to Josh's dad's house for Christmas eve and Christmas morning. I didn't know this at the time but Josh's step mom later told me that as soon as she saw me she thought "oh my gosh she's pregnant."
All that weekend I knew I was supposed to get my period and I kept feeling the cramping but nothing else was happening. I decided I would just let it go and take a test when we got to my family's house in PA. Christmas afternoon we headed to PA, the next morning still nothing...I was thinking "hmm?" that afternoon we all opened gifts, at one point my dad handed josh a book and said, "here - you and your daughter need to read this...oops, I mean wife, I don't know why I said daughter?" as soon as that sentence was finished I jumped up and ran to the car to get the 1 and only pregnancy test I had stored in my dashboard (random, I know). I took the test and got a faint line...I started sweating, I was afraid to get excited because that had happened before...I also felt nervous. I yelled downstairs for Laura (my sister and law) and her and my sister Selena came upstairs. They both looked at the test and concluded I should get another one. I told everyone we were going to the drug store to get ice cream (hahah). Laura, Josh, and my sisters knew the real deal (josh was excited but waiting for confirmation).
By the time I came back pretty much everyone (except for my dad) knew I was a "pending pregnant lady" I was in the bathroom and I took the digital test. While I was waiting for the hourglass to give me my true results Sherah (my sister) had opened the door. Pretty much everyone was crammed in the niece and nephew, Sherah and her husband, Josh, Laura, and my brother. Laura was holding the test for me...when the results came up she handed it to me with a blank face....I quickly grabbed it and it read:
PREGNANT! Immediately started bawling - it was a crazy surge of emotions...Sherah of course started bawling as well! The kids were like woah, what? you're having a baby?! Wes was out of the loop and Sherah handed him the test crying and he thought it was Laura who was pregnant (HAHAH!) Laura quickly corrected him...she has a 9 month old so she's ok with waiting some more :)
I was crying and searching for my mom and dad, dad was downstairs and looked up the balcony and said, "what's going on up there?" I yelled "I'm pregnant!" he was excited! Finally I found mom and told her and she started crying as well! Basically, it was one of the best days of my life and my family was there to share it with me.
So there's my story! The best way I could have ever imagined finding out I was pregnant :)

this picture was taken a couple hours after we found out :)

Also, here's a little video of my best friends husband finding out I was pregnant. I would show the video of her but there was a lot of tears and blubbering involved.


  1. this video is freakin hysterical!

  2. awww...tears filled my eyes, so happy for you, big baldwin and baby baldwin. I love the 3 of you!

  3. I am so happy for you. Congratulations.

  4. Now I'm crying at work! Such a lovely story, Sheila!!!!!


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