Saturday, September 3, 2011


 Most of the 2nd half of my pregnancy has involved me "nesting." Elloise's  nursery has been so much fun to do but for the longest time I had nothing else to do with it and I kind of hit a rut so the rest of the house reaped the benefits of me wanting to "nest." I love projects, I love decorating, and I love doing it with things I have made myself or found at antique stores.

For some reason our room has been the last place to get decorated, I guess its because company doesn't go in there so all the "good ideas" I have wouldn't be seen :) haha. Decorating is way more fun when it creates a pretty atmosphere for you AND others to enjoy. I saw this idea on pinterest, it can be done with fabric and is most commonly used in a nursery, but when I saw it with lace in a foyer I fell in love! I LOVE lace more than anything and I knew it would be the perfect thing to go in our bedroom. I got the embroidery hoops from Michaels all for under $2 each, and the lace from Hancock fabrics. Most of it was scraps that I had from previous sewing projects.

I may eventually add more or rearrange them. I'm not sure. These were really tricky to hang and place.
Here is my mirror wall, I got the idea from anthropologie's website awhile back. I did this in the beginning of my pregnancy. My friend Mary Ellen helped me find mirrors and her husband helped us put it up on the wall! All the mirrors came from 3 different antique stores. It's so hard to find these guys affordable, so often they are way over priced! Needless to say, it was a tough search.

My most recent project has been my favorite :) I have been wanting to do a plate wall for about a year now and I just never really got around to it. I started collecting a few assorted plates but a few months after I had them and looked at them I didn't like them anymore. This last month has felt like a lot of waiting and I needed another way to "nest" because the nursery was done, so thankfully I got motivated to do my plate wall! I have the perfect place for it and I LOVE it. My friend Alysa Volk (who should have a blog) helped me put it up. It was so precise I would have gone insane trying to do it by myself! I got the plates from sleepy poet for $2 each, steal of a deal!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

40 weeks + a finished nursery

I am 40 weeks pregnant, woohoo! Today at my appt I was 2cm dilated. At this point, any progress is good progress. I am thinking my little sweet pea may decide to join us next week and I am okay with that. Of course I'd love for her to come this weekend for many reasons I won't go into, but if she is wanting to wait and I am healthy (which I am) I'm ok with waiting....a little... haha :)

I showed most of you Ellie's nursery a while back but it wasn't fully finished. I think I am completely done for the most part now! I didn't add much more other than a shelf and I did some cleaning and re organizing which made everything feel better. Here are some pictures of her room:

The shelf is the newest addition: I just need to add some dried flowers to the vase. In the frame is a vintage sound of music record cover I found at a thrift store <3

here I just need to fix the changing pad cover: I'm waiting on mom to fix it because I'm so frustrated with it!