Wednesday, June 15, 2011

oh hey third trimester

I am so overdue for an update - Ive been wanting to show off both my vintage and newly purchased treasures in my nursery but it's not finished yet so you'll have to wait. 


We had an ultrasound on Monday to make sure my placenta was moved up (it was low at 18 wks) and thankfully it was! Everything was excellent. She was weighing in at approximately 2 lbs and 11 ounces, (give or take a few because they have no way of being sure :)  my fluid was good, she was developing perfectly and everything was just great and it was all music to my ears! I was measuring in at 30 weeks (I've been a week ahead every time which is normal) but I keep telling myself any time before Sept 12th! I am due Sept 2nd but I'd rather think I'll be late than early - otherwise I'll feel miserable waiting! Although, I cannot wait to hold her these days. I am feeling a little anxious to see her! I started to cry the other night because I was just wanting to hold her so bad....then again, I also cried because the laundry basket didn't match the nursery anymore and I didn't want it in the room if it didn't match (kind of insane, Josh sent me to bed immediately). It is still sitting the in hallway....

Here she is, she looks a lot like her daddy but I can definitely see some of me in there.

My mom came this weekend and we had SO much fun looking for vintage keep sakes and other nursery things. She brought this with her for Elloise, this will be her "coming home" outfit!!!

In other news, I have been enjoying my baby bump. I can't imagine being bigger though - even though I know I will.... 29 weeks and counting -- so excited about my baby!!