Saturday, February 19, 2011

a little update

I feel like there's a lot of little things to give an update on so that is what Ill do. It has been such a beautiful week! Im sitting out on our deck soaking in a little afternoon sun :)

My parents came to town this past week and it was really good to see them (as usual). Sunday night my parents and Josh and I went uptown to Blue Restaurant Bar and Lounge. I had never been there before, it was really good! My parents celebrated 36 valentines together- awwww :)! Someday Josh and I will do the same :) On monday night (valentines) Josh and I exchanged gifts and then went to 15 North for dinner. Josh did amazing in the gift department!! I was impressed! He got me a beautiful free people dress tank (my fav brand of clothing) a light sweater with owls on it (my fav creature) a notebook for journaling with an owl on it,  and he wrote me "thank you" cards to give me every morning this whole week. They all say wonderful sweet things inside :) this last one this morning had a coupon for a free trip to autobell!! my car needs it big time :)  oh and I bought Josh charcoal jeans and a button up from Jcrew.

one of my thank you cards
Josh at 15 North in the shirt I got him

On monday I leave for a cruise with my mom, sisters, and sister in law!!  I CANNOT WAIT! I have been DYING to go somewhere and get some sun and relaxation! It was part of our christmas gift from mom and it couldn't have come at a better time. We are taking the Norwegian Sky and we are going from Miami to Grand Bahama Island; Nassau; Great Stirrup Cay! I fly out to Miami monday morning. I have never been on a cruise before. I am so so very excited!! On a side note: I feel like I look kind of funny in my bikini...oh well! the baby needs some sun too, right? Needless to say, I might not blog much next week.....

As far as the pregnancy goes, Ill be 13 weeks pregnant on wednesday while we are on the cruise! yay! so exciting. The baby started clasping its hands this week :) how precious! Last night I was half asleep and I said to Josh "I feel like I can feel the baby flutter" haha who knows? Like I said, I was half asleep but I remember feeling something whether it was in my sleepy mind or not. Also, I have been craving sushi non stop...not raw sushi but cooked sushi. I have had it at least 5 times this week and I was having it some last week too. It has just been so delicious.
Next week starts my 2nd trimester. I cannot believe it....Thank God my 1st trimester went SO WELL!! Today I have been looking up videos of ultrasounds at 12 and 13 weeks. I can't believe how much the baby moves! Im so excited for our ultrasound! We won't have one for another 6 weeks or so...but when we do we will finally know what we are having! :) Have a good week everyone!

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