Thursday, July 14, 2011

ellie's nursery part 1

I finally have a little sneak peak into Ellie's nursery for you guys! My sister took these pictures with a fisheye lens so you could see the whole room from every angle. I still have some details to do so I will do another post with them and tell you where I got things. As you can see, on the large dresser under the mirrors I don't have my changing pad set up yet, and I still have yet to fill the scale with diapers and creams instead of a that cutie owl...ect. So anyways, I hope you enjoy what you see! I am excited to do a post with all the details and stuff so I will try to get on that asap :) Her nursery is my favorite place to be in the house :) I cant wait to rock her on the rocking chair and read to her...


  1. It just looks like such a cozy, wonderful place for a little one. It's perfect!

  2. Your babe's nursery is adorable! Feminine & Homey, Great job (:

  3. oh i love that!!! sooo cute!!

    jenna duty


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