Wednesday, July 13, 2011

baby weekend

This past weekend was crazy busy! My whole family came into town to have a baby shower for me on sunday July 12th at my house. It was a PACKED, hardly everyone fit but it was so nice to be so close with everyone :) My sister also took pictures of my nursery, I will post them later this week :)

My mom made most all of the delicious food except for the cupcakes by Sarah Williams, and some other items from Amelies.

moms jalapeno quiche was my FAV

Laura (preggo sister in law), me, and sherah (preggo sister)
we had to completely rearrange our house to fit everyone
I got so many wonderful gifts!
some of my lovely mama friends!
allie and cora :)
my lovely sister, friends, and long time roommates
Jess keeping these girls happy with bracelets
sweet ava
I cant believe we didn't get a picture of my mom and my sister selena! They did so much to help with the shower and they also came all the way from pa just to be with me. Love you guys :)
my mama and sister selena :)


  1. It was such a fun and cute baby shower! Can't wait to see baby girl in all her sweet new outfits!

  2. awww. cute! Glad I could come down!


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