Wednesday, April 20, 2011

summer goodness

I potted some plants! I LOVE these pots I found at homegoods! I kind of want some more now...

this adds so much color to my front porch :)
Josh had to drill holes in the pots for the water to drain
I potted this too. I can see it from my bedroom window every morning :)
As I had mentioned a few posts ago, I bought another thrift store project for Josh and I. I have to say real quick, Josh is such a great helper - I always have projects for "us" and I know it drives him crazy sometimes (especially when they are every week) but he always ends up helping me with a smile on his face :) maybe not at first but after awhile! haha. I just love Josh so much. I enjoy him every single day and we see a lot of each other! He is my best friend and the best husband I could have asked for. I am so thankful for him all the time!!!
Back to the project, I have been wanting a little table and 2 chairs for our deck since we love to eat outisde! I found this awhile back for $80 and had to snag it! I have seen things like this several times and passed the opportunity thinking I could get it for cheaper and 80 was the lowest I've found.
We reupholstered these yesterday. I bought outdoor fabric but then put vinyl on top so it would protect it from rain and stains. Its way better to have a wipeable surface!



the whole set : so cute! I still want to paint the white a brighter color
One last thing, Our rose bushes finally started to bloom! This makes me so excited! The other project Josh and I want to do it re-do our front flower bed. Well, its not really a flower has 2 yellow rose bushes and 3 ugly bushes next to them. We want to pull out everything except for the rose bushes and re soil and plant flowers and jasmine. Hopefully the jasmine will grow up the front of our porch - it will be so beautiful!


  1. i love all your flowers! and jasmine climbing up your porch would be amazing! i've always wanted one of those porches with the trellis above it so i could grow beautiful flowers up it


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