Thursday, April 28, 2011

bundles of joy

Today I've been thinking about how I am thankful for my husband, family, and nieces and nephews. I am especially thankful for my baby girl growing in my belly and I tear up at the thoughts and fears I had of not being able to be pregnant and my journey to get to where I am now. I'm so glad she's safe and healthy and I am so thankful for everything she is and what she will become.

she was only 18 wks here. now shes 22 weeks. I want another ultrasound!

My nieces and nephews bring so much joy to my life and tears to my eyes because 4 of them live 7 hours away :( they grow and change so fast and I hate missing out on so much. Here are some pictures of my sister Selena's babies. They are so beautiful!

 Here's Wes (my brother) and Laura's son Will! He's 1 year old and he looks just like his parents!

 My newest niece and nephew additions are Carmen's kids (Josh's sister). They only live 1 hr away so its not as bad :) Ive been seeing them a good bit lately. Bailey made the sweetest book for Ellie with hand drawn pictures in it....*tear
me and Bailey :)
Slade and Bailey

 All my nieces and nephews are so excited about meeting Ellie :) especially Ashria and Bailey

here's a picture from baileys book *tear*

bailey hugging ellie :)
 And of course nothing would be the same or as wonderful without my husband Josh. I say it all the time and Ill say it forever - he is the best thing in the world to me :)!! I couldn't imagine my life without him. He makes me laugh every day and fills my heart with love.


  1. I love this!! So happy for you guys and your beautiful daughter!!

  2. Hi, I am new! I am 21 weeks with a little boy. Our first. I am glad to have found your blog.


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