Saturday, March 19, 2011

yet another project

blog location: the back deck

As of last week, Josh and I still had not yet purchased our dining room chairs. All the chairs I wanted were around $45-$65 per chair (even at ikea) and I just felt like that was quite pricey....I could have settled for plain chairs without a cushion for $25 a peice but it still seemed like a waste because it wasn't even what I really wanted....SO...I decided I could just restore some old chairs for a way better price and make them how I wanted them :)
I found these chairs at Re Store for $11 a piece. I bought 5 of them (since the other end of my table will eventually have a highchair :))

This ended up being a bigger project than I had planned for....these chairs had been reupholstered about 4 times already so every different layer had to be removed and the foam had to be replaced...I could not have done these cushions as well or as fast without the help of my mom, and josh for the help sanding and spray painting (obviously, since I cant being preggo and all)


I Love them!!
Also, I have yet another project that I just purchased....patio furniture! Ill be posting that whenever I am finished...I still have yet to get started though.


  1. They look great! You did a great job!

  2. I want to see them with the whole table and set and everything!

  3. i am so inspired by all your RE furnishing!!! ive been saying i iwll do stuff for so long and i never get around to it.


  4. Awsome looking! I love projects and I looovvveee your blog!

  5. awesome girl. they are super cute! so proud of you! you should find a way to treat the fabric so that they dont stain.. practical mom speaking.. but in about 1 year when you are feeding your baby spaghetti and she decides to throw it across the room.. you might be in trouble :)


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