Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Burp Cloths

Well, I am 16 days from my due date - who knows when she will decide to join us though...
hopefully sooner rather than later :) I guess you could say I am still trying to find ways to channel my "nesting" energy. I needed more burp cloths and the plain white ones seemed too thin and boring so I decided to add some color to them by getting some of my fabric scraps and sewing a patterned side to them. It was so easy and fun!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

two L's

Elloise Marie Baldwin will be joining us soon, and lately, I cannot stop thinking about her even more than before (which I didn't think was possible). I keep wondering what she will look like and be like. How is her little voice going to sound when she starts talking? What will her favorite things be? I cannot wait to get to know her personality and her heart.
Elloise is not the only way to spell her name, it is most commonly spelled Eloise. It was kind of a hard decision to figure out how to spell it, we both really kind of lean towards calling her Ellie which is why I liked spelling it with 2 L's. It just seemed right - all you have to do is take out the o and the s  :)

The other 2 cool things about her name Elloise is both Josh and I loved that name for a girl before we ever met each other and got married, I think that is so sweet because it is not a common name at all. Also, Elloise and her nickname Ellie both have such awesome and multiple name meanings. Here is what I found:

meaning: intelligent, smart, famous in war, noble, exalted, sun ray, shining light, and most beautiful woman.

When we looked up the meaning of her name I knew it fit her, I can see all of these things in her and I haven't even met her yet. I have a poster in her room that says, "you are my sunshine." how fitting for someone who's name also means sun ray and shining light?
The most common meaning that is on almost every website is "famous in war." She is going to be such a strong woman, I just know it!!

The reason for her middle name being Marie is because that's my middle name :) I never knew what my middle name meant and I never EVER thought I would give my middle name to my daughter but for some reason (which I mention below) I just felt like I should - sounds kind of weird but I thought it would be special. We were struggling with finding a middle name that we thought fit well with Elloise. One night we were praying about it and I saw the word Star - I thought - what? star? that sounds kinda sleazy.... so we looked up names that meant star and on the list was Marie meaning "star of the sea (which is not sleazy)." Josh had been wanting her middle name to be Marie so when we looked up the names that meant star and saw Marie I knew it was confirmation :)
The only thing is - Marie means bitterness in Hebrew which I just discovered today...... not cool - BUT in Latin it means Star of the Sea so that's the one we will take as far as name meanings go :)